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November 26, 2015
Over the last couple of days, there have been a small but growing number of errors reported on disk one of my NAS (RAID 1, so mirrored). I wasn’t too concerned, as it didn’t look calamitous. I had a spare disk somewhere, I would fix it when I had a moment. Meanwhile the NAS device worked around the errors.

Last night, the RAID simply shut down, and it wouldn’t come up again this morning. I unplugged the faulty drive, and tried starting the NAS with the single good drive, nothing.

July 24, 2015
There was once a time – 15-20 years ago – when I was always fiddling with a computer in my spare time. I was heavily into Fidonet, and an early adopter of the internet. To my pride, I designed a little bit of software that was quickly picked by others in the UK wishing to bridge between Fidonet and the internet (the actual programming was kindly done by John English); and my old Fidonet system, Minstrel’s Hall, provided many of my friends with their first internet address.

Then a little later, I taught myself php and perl (in that order, strangely), and went to work designing modifications for systems like phpBB and Wordpress, not to mention the now-long-defunct Filklore Music Store.

January 23, 2015
I’m in the midst of changing the provider of my Virtual Private Server from Webfusion to Tagadab. This is mainly due to Webfusion being sensationally unhelpful in advising me on how to migrate my VPS (hosting several websites) away from the old server, running software past end-of-life. Their answer was that I should simply open a new VPS account with them, and keep both old and new accounts open while I stumbled through the migration without assistance.

Tagadab, on the other hand, provided heaps of helpful information to my enquiry, plus a 7 day trial for £1 (later extended, for free, to 10 days). Which means – with their help – it was easier to migrate to a server run by a Tagadab than migrate within Webfusion’s offerings. Plus I am going to save a fiver a month.

November 23, 2013
I wrote in September about getting Multicast working, this being required for TV over IP channels.

Having proved it worked, I then forgot about it, as the only such channel I can currently get is Sky, which I am not interested in. I just wanted to ensure my kit could handle it should other channels come along in the future.

November 7, 2013
I’ve now been using my WorkFit-S sit/stand desk for a couple of weeks, and it is going well.

Most of the publicity shots and videos show this kind of thing plumped in the middle of the desk – that doesn’t make any sense to me. I have mine as far to one side as I can manage, which leaves a good half of the desk available for non-computer tasks. Since the pictures I first took for Facebook, I have moved the device to the left side of my desk, which I prefer; I have also angled it slightly, so it doesn’t feel like it is just sticking out.

September 6, 2013
Here and here I spoke about Multicast, and needing a new router to make it work.

The new router arrived in July, but initial attempt to get VPN working to my office with a suitable encryption failed. All I had to do was tinker with it, but I didn’t have time, and couldn’t afford for my work VPN to be down.

September 1, 2013
July 27, 2013
July 21, 2013
I’ve got an appointment at my sleep clinic next week, so I thought I’d better download the data from my CPAP machine. Last time I did this was before my desktop got replaced with a Windows 7 64-bit machine, so I was hoping not to have any problems.

The software – DeVilbiss SmartLink – actually installed first time, without difficulties, and started correctly. It then told me I was on an old version (not surprising), and I did I want to upgrade? Of course I did – and that was my mistake.

June 20, 2013
warningFor the past few weeks, I have been receiving silent calls every day from the same fake number – 01001246. When I pick up, the other end is either silent, or a dial-tone. I have reported it, but was told nothing could be done because the caller-id was spoofed. Well duh – I wonder if the NSA and GCHQ are equally stumped by fake numbers?

Anyway, today’s call came through during my tea break, and this time there was a person on the other end, telling me that he was calling about the security of my Windows machine. “Oh, that one”, I thought; but didn’t hang up, as I was curious how these guys go about “proving” a machine is infected.

November 23, 2012
Further to buying my Nexus 10, I still haven’t shopped around for a suitable music mount. But I have been thinking about what I need to use it in the kitchen.

I already have a couple of cookery resources that can be usefully used on a tablet. The original recipe book for my pellet grill, for a start, and recently the 40 page recipe guide for my breadmaker got too sticky to be hygenic, and was replaced with a pdf kindle sent to me by Breville.

July 7, 2012
I find that spending money tends to make me spend even more money, and this story is no exception.

I have been having fun with my Bloggie 3D camera, but it highlighted something – that I lack a computer capable of doing any kind of useful video editing.

In the (distant) past, I used a desktop I had built for gaming and music, but that has long been superceded by modern requirements. It has actually been sitting under a variety of desks and shelf units for the last 3 years, and I know that it isn’t capable of anything by today’s standards.

Because I work from home, I now tend to use my work computer for most day-to-day stuff. This isn’t as naughty as it sounds, as for some years, my personal requirements have been mostly just for a browser and email (both of which I need for work, anyway). Any gaming I did was now on the Wii, and my Pokerstars account runs from either my smart phone or my Asus Eee.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I thought I would look for a high-end laptop, with a decent built in video card. That way, I could use it downstairs, in front of the TV, as well as in my office. I was looking at a mixture of AV-spec machines, and gaming machines, both of which would do what I wanted.

Then I saw the Toshiba Qosmio F750-12P.