Moving home (for the website)

I’m in the midst of changing the provider of my Virtual Private Server from Webfusion to Tagadab. This is mainly due to Webfusion being sensationally unhelpful in advising me on how to migrate my VPS (hosting several websites) away from the old server, running software past end-of-life. Their answer was that I should simply open a new VPS account with them, and keep both old and new accounts open while I stumbled through the migration without assistance.

Tagadab, on the other hand, provided heaps of helpful information to my enquiry, plus a 7 day trial for £1 (later extended, for free, to 10 days). Which means – with their help – it was easier to migrate to a server run by a Tagadab than migrate within Webfusion’s offerings. Plus I am going to save a fiver a month.

Anyway, it is mostly done, and this is my first post on the new “”.

The last domain to be migrated is my domain, which hosts all of my email accounts, and a couple of mail-lists. To my relief, testing the migration my main IMAP mailbox went without a hitch. However, I am having permissions problems with the mail-list directories. So I am holding off the final switch, until I can work that out.

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