Problems with Multicast and DLNA

I wrote in September about getting Multicast working, this being required for TV over IP channels.

Having proved it worked, I then forgot about it, as the only such channel I can currently get is Sky, which I am not interested in. I just wanted to ensure my kit could handle it should other channels come along in the future.

In the meantime, I hit another problem. My NetGear NAS also doubles as a DLNA server, enabling me to play video and music from my NAS to my bluray player, and therefore through my TV, and my music centre. I use it mainly for music – recent CDs I keep on shelves, but my older CDs are packed away, so if I don’t want to rummage, I have them available as MP3s. Recently I discovered it was no longer working, for video or MP3s. Neither my BluRay or my tablet could see the DLNA server, although my Windows desktop could.

After trying several things, without any success, I tried to cast my mind back tp the last time I could remember it working. Then I logged into my router, and turned off IMGP – the protocol behind Multicast. Suddenly DLNA started working again.

I can’t believe that IMGP is totally incompatible with DLNA – I think I would have read about it by now. So it must be something in my IMGP setup. For now, I am leaving it switched off, and will re-examine it when something interesting becomes available on TV over IP.

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