Alexa Skills

My Alexa Skills are currently non-functioning. This is because they were hosted with a third party company who although they still host them, not longer provide access or support. So having recently moved my own server, I can’t point the skills hosted by them to the new back-end and database.

The solution involves rewriting the skills from scratch, this time hosting them on Amazon’s AWS. But that will only happen when I have some spare time, as this is only a hobby for me.

Edit 26-05-2022: I’ve recently retired, so have more time for my hobbies. Although I am not jumping straight into writing/rewriting skills (I need a break from computing!), it is now on my list. I hope to have new skills coming out by 2023.

Edit 26-02-2024: Alexa Skills are still on my to-do list. I hope to make time for them soon.

This is a page for my Alexa Skills. I talk about the fun I have been having with Alexa here.

Alexa Skill Function Status
Meat Meter A guide to the correct internal temperature to cook various meats. Not working
Posh Games Information regarding Posh Games sessions scheduled in the next 7 days. Not working
Pill Diary Allows user to keep a diary of medications taken. When called it reports on the last 3 medications and lets you note the taking of a new medication. Not Working
Advanced Guitar Tuner Online guitar tuner Not Working

If you wish to talk to me about my Alexa Skills, please use this form.