Read first, bid second

I mentioned that I had bid on a new Vigor router, to let me use all the facilities of my new TalkTalk YouView box.

It arrived today, and I immediately spotted something wrong. Checking the listing, I could see it was my mistake, and not the seller.

I had determined there were two Vigor routers that would do what I wanted, and had searched eBay for them. Many were 150-175 pounds, but on seeing a used model currently bidding at high 40’s (I got it for 52), I put a bid in.

Only now do I realise that this is the non-WiFi version of the router.

As it happens, I am not too concerned. It is still worth the money, it just means my WiFi will be handled external to the router, rather than built in. I already have a Fon wifi unit, which I keep plugged in mainly to make me eligible to use other Fon units when I travel. In fact, having this positioned in my lounge, rather than the upstairs office might even be an advantage.

However, it is a lesson – don’t let your enthusiasm for a bargain trump your reading skills.

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