Digital Photography On The Go

It is amazing how sometimes you have technology in your possession and don’t realise it.

I recently spotted this youtube video, which is quite amusing.

Of course, the totally impractical cube is a joke, and part of a viral ad for Samsung’s new Galaxy NX Android DSLR-style camera.

But that got me to thinking how I frequently neglect my DLSR (a CANON Rebel/EOS350) for the inferior cameras in my phone or tablet, just because of their connectivity.

USB_OTGThen I remembered this lead I bought last year. It is a USB OTG (On The Go) cable, which lets you turn OTG-compatible kit from a USB device to a USB host. I bought it when I got my Nexus 10, as a result of reading some negative reviews about the Nexus’s lack of memory expansion. With the OTG cable, I could plug a memory stick in, albeit dangling off the side.

As it happens, I have never had cause to use this cable; although my Nexus 10 has an unexpandable 16 Gb of memory, I have never actually come close to hitting the limit.

But today, I realised that I could use the same lead to connect my DSLR camera to my tablet.

Would it work? I plugged them in, and turned on the camera. Instantly the Android Gallery app came up and displayed thumbnail images of the photos on my camera, categorised by date, and asked me to select which I wanted to import. Once imported, I was able to edit the photos, and upload them to the usual selection of websites (picasa, facebook etc.)

Equally, I could do the same with my phone (HTC Sensation), which is even more portable and has 3G as well as WiFi – although not nearly so good for editing, obviously.

For the 3 quid the OTG cable cost me, it is definitely a result. In fact, I may buy a second – one to keep in my usual USB cable box, and one permanently in the camera bag.

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