Filk is the name often given to music written and/or performed by members of the science fiction fandom community.

It is a very broad genre, consisting both of song parodies, using music from other songs, and also wholly original songs. Songs may be comic or serious in nature.

I’ve been involved with the Filk Community since 1988, when it discovered me at Follycon, the British National Science Fiction Convention held at Easter that year.

However, not all of the music I write and perform is necessarily filk.

The FILK_UK Mailing List

The FILK_UK Mail-List was originally created for the discussion of filk and related topics (music, sf, fandom…..) within the UK. However, we now have many subscribers from other European countries (Germany in particular!), and discussion of Continental filk events have been accepted as “on-topic” and are encouraged.

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