Telescopes – The Smart Choice

A few weeks ago, I described about how I liked the look of a device called the Vaonis Vespera (seen on the right).

Because of the price, I settled on the far cheaper Dwarf 2 (above, on the left)

What the Dwarf has over the Vespera is:

  • Size and weight – much smaller, much lighter – 1.2kg vs 5kg.
  • Versatile – the Dwarf has dual optics, Tele and Wide, and is designed as both an electronic telescope and a day-time auto-tracking camera.
  • Price – the basic Dwarf 2 package is £369. Only slightly more expensive than a single Vespera filter. The Dwarf 2 deluxe is £479, and includes a spare battery, a filter holder and 3 filters. Furthermore, the filter holder takes standard 1.25″ filters, from anywhere. Both packages also include a mini-tripod (it will also fit any standard tripod), a 64Gb SD Card and a nice kit bag.

For me, that came under the category “worth a punt”. So I ordered the Dwarf 2.

After 12 days it arrived from China, and it is wonderful. I haven’t had more than a play with it yet, and have no impressive imaged from it, but I already know I am going to have fun with it.

But it doesn’t end there. Only days after the Dwarf arrived, I learned that Clinton Cameras had reduced the Vespera further – the original price £2200, the price I first saw £1750, the new price £1299!

It seemed stupid to order a second Smart Telescope, but that is what I did, and it arrived yesterday.

So I now have two very different Smart Telescopes – the Vespera a very slick commercial model and the Dwarf 2 being a kind of hobbyist device, born from Kickstarter and listening to the users for suggestions on how to improve it. I think I have room in my life for both of them – the Dwarf 2 is ridiculously portable, and can go anywhere I go. There is an optional backpack for the Vespera, but I am not planning to get that – the Vespera is going to be my back-yard scope, and the box it came in is well made and protective. It even has a handle!

Of course, apart from my very first night with the Dwarf 2, it has been overcast skies ever since!

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