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June 28, 2023
October 12, 2016
My 8″ has recently gone to a very good home, so I can now concentrate on using the 4.5″. This has distinct advantages – my garden table is shaded from the surrounding light (but still has a good area of visible sky), and it can be carried with one hand, so if I want to throw it in the car and go somewhere else, it is easy.

October 1, 2015
Since upgrading to an EOS 1100D, 2 years ago, my old Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT) has been on the shelf. Pretty decent camera, but not worth enough to sell it.

However, the price of specialist conversions have been coming down recently, and for 80 quid I could have the internal filters removed to turn it into a full spectrum camera. This would let me use it, with appropriate external filters, both as an infra-red camera, and for astro-photography with better response in the Hydrogen Alpha band.

January 21, 2013
January 21, 2013
As I was writing what will become my next post – Simple “push-to” telescope system, I realised I hadn’t ever mentioned my telescopes here.

This is mainly because, although I have 3 telescopes, I don’t do anything that serious with them, just use them for fun. I have dabbled with some astro-photography, but usually, I am just sitting out in the garden, browsing the skies with them.