Gadget – Eufy Clean G40+

So my new Robovac can cope with my rugs. It is a Eufy Clean G40+

That’s one of the good points. The Eufy Clean app is nice and clean, and the unexpected Alexa (and Google, apparently) integration is neat.

My first test didn’t start off impressing me, though. It was unfair, as the room needed a good vacuum by any measure. My initial idea for this device is that it does a daily vacuum of the room to keep it under, and I use my Shark once a week. But it wasn’t touching stuff.

But then I delved and found it had 4 levels of suck, Quiet, Standard, Turbo and Max. It defaulted to Standard, of course. I switched it to Max, and it did a pretty good job. It isn’t even that noisy at that setting.

One thing that threw me was the instruction book told me to install a protective mat at the charging/emptying station, but no mat was included. I have queried this with Eufy, but it seems to work without it.

I belatedly realised that unlike some of the models I had looked at, this model doesn’t have intelligent tracking/mapping. That is my mistake, and what do you expect for a £200+ robovac. What it does is a drunkard’s walk around the room. However, it does know where it has been, and when it gets turned around by an obstacle, it chooses to go where it hasn’t been before, until it runs out of available floor-space, at which point it returns to the station. Or if its battery runs low, it will return, and can resume again later. So for any single session, it knows where it has been, but the option of marking off areas not to go is not there. Nevertheless, that will probably not be a problem for me.

The big problem at the moment is that after its first vacuum, it returned to the station and started to empty itself – that *is* loud. But it only lasted a couple of seconds before it reported the bag was full.

What!?!? A 3.2L bag, full? I checked and it was anything but. I took the bag out, stretched it in all directions and put it back.

Since then, I haven’t been able to trigger a self-empty session. There appears to be no manual way to trigger it, I am currently waiting for the robovac to recharge, or for Eufy support to get back to me.

I actually quite like it, if I can get around the issues. I think my plan to use it down here will work; if not, it will be fine for upstairs. But I do have until the end of January to return it, so I am not worrying.

Whatever happens with this item, I think I am sold on robovacs.

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