Box Room Clear-Out

Sorting papers
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I’ve been going through boxes of paper and other stuff from my old box room – formerly my old WFH office.

I have wanted to sort the room out for a while, now. The plan is to set up my electric piano permanently there, as whenever I have it set up in the living room, it gets put away again within a couple of months, because it is “in the way”.

I also plan to move my clothes airer up there, as the conservatory is no longer conducive to drying t-shirts and underwear now it is that bit colder.

So – a music room, cum laundry! 😃

But the reason for getting it done now (rather than every weekend for the last 6 months) is that I have a man coming on Monday to talk about Solar & Batteries, and the box room is a likely place to stick the battery, being directly above my main power consumer unit, on the inside, and the electric meter, on the outside.

So… sorting through papers both loose on the bookshelves and in boxes, dated between 2014 and 2019, with some as far back as 2008. The really important stuff is already filed. These are the bits I never got around to winnowing down.

A lot is easy to throw. There are many non-specific leaflets that accompanied letters with identifying data. Anything with my name and account numbers of any kind – even insurance for a car I no longer have – go into a pile for shredding, but the leaflets go straight in the recycling.

I get stuck on a couple of stupid decision. I have the paperwork for my work pension, all together in one box. But when I retired, I transferred the pension to a completely different company, so surely I don’t need the paperwork from the original pension fund? But I can’t part with it, it goes back in a box file and is labelled.

A number of display boxes that various phones and devices were supplied in. Many of the actual devices have since gone – either to recycling or passed on, without their boxes. That is easy – recycling. One box contained a never used powered USB hub that I don’t remember buying, and my Amazon orders have no record of. This may be useful to me, if it works. A couple of old gadgets that might fetch something on eBay – put to one side.

I also find two paper manuals for music kit that I still own, and planned to get out and experiment with “some time soon” 😃

A HP printer that used to be quite decent, but only USB. I can no longer test it as the cartridges are as dry as the Sahara. I may offer it on Olio anyway, in case anyone is willing to invest in a new cartridge and see if they have a bargain.

The music/laundry room is now clear. I am having a cuppa, and will then take my Shark upstairs and give it a good vacuum. Then the items I have kept can go neatly back onto the bookshelf, rather than just piled on top of each other.

I have some washing waiting to go on the airer – I have been waiting to get the airer upstairs first.

The piano can wait for another day.

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