WordPress, ActivityPub and Mastodon

After playing around a while, I have got my two WordPress blogs – Filklore (general blogging) and Food Adventure (cooking and gardening) – posting to Mastodon, via ActivityPub.

I am doing this with Matthias Pfefferle’s ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. It is not working exactly how I expected (which is probably either an issue with my understanding or an oddity of my hosting), but it is good enough for me to be happy to roll it out.

I’ll post some technical details of exactly what I have done at a later point, once I am certain I understand it!

This is a step forward in getting my blogs going again. While I don’t mind posting trivia and what I watched on TV last night to Facebook or similar, there are some things I want to keep around, if only for my own benefit/memory. In this way, the blogs are my diaries. For a long time I successfully kept my blogs, and automated cross postings to places like LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook, where my friends are/were. I’ve long since dropped LiveJournal and I dropped Twitter when Elon Musk started throwing his weight around. I am still very much part of Facebook, but they have progressively made it more difficult to post from outside their walled garden.

As a result, I found myself posting more and more to Facebook, to the detriment of my blogs, simply because that’s where most of my friends are. But it irritated me, and since I first started using Mastodon, I’ve want to do this.

So here is the simple gist:

My own personal postings on Mastodon, made via Mastodon, can be found by following @filklore@mastodonapp.uk

My Filklore Blog posts as @chris@filklore.com

Food Adventure posts as @Chris@foodadventure.org.uk

Yes, I am aware of the difference in capitalisation. I am not sure where that came from, but I am not even sure case matters.

Feel free to follow me (or not!)

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