Get a bloody haircut!

Today’s fun has been trying to get to grips with my hair, alone and without help.

My tool is a Remington Barba, which is more of a beard trimmer than anything else; at least that is what I use it for. But needs must.

I had done this once before, many years ago. It wasn’t a disaster, but nor was it easy, and it was kind of scary. After that experience, I soon went back to the barber shop. But my hair is so out of control, and – aside from vanity – it is so hot!

This is roughly what I started with – only longer. This picture was taken in early May, a month ago. It had been washed and brushed that morning, but within a few hours was flying everywhere.

This is after I had carefully gone over my head with the Remington. I started on setting 9, then worked down to 8, then 7 for the back and sides. Then I washed my hair again, let it dry and gave it a good brush.

Although I now like the front, the back is still not particularly neat, although it is a lot tidier than it was.

After leaving it a few hours, I attacked the back again with the Remington set on 5. I’m fairly happy with this, it has taken it up off the collar, thinned it out, and lost the curl. If it isn’t completely even, in a few days, you won’t notice.

Apologies for the quality of the photography, but taking a picture of the back of your neck is even harder than trimming it!

I think it looks a little neater, and should keep me going for a while. It is also noticeably cooler.

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  1. chris
    June 17, 2020

    And a few days later…

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