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July 6, 2020
June 13, 2020
June 23, 2018
I’m not talking about failure in a big way, but failure in terms of petty little tasks. I may make plans to do something that I haven’t done before – like fit a lock to my garden gate – that I should be totally capable of doing. But something nags me in the back of my mind – what if I run into problems? How will I cope? So I put off the task, rather than discover if I can do it (or do it well).

November 17, 2016
Random observations regarding my sleep. I’ve got a sleep clinic appointment coming up next week, so this is currently on my mind.

Sometimes I wake up early in the morning, and manage to roll over and go back to sleep. However, I find that the less time I have to catch those extra z’s, sometimes it leaves me feeling more tired than if I had just got up when I woke.

September 24, 2016
May 11, 2015
I have a sleep apnea appointment in a week’s time, at Papworth. As a result, I have just downloaded data from my AutoPAP, to prove I remember how to do it – I will do it again the morning of my appointment.

The geek factor of this machine is wonderful. I made the decision a few years ago to buy my own machine, which is why I have to download and print reports, rather than give them the machine and let them do it themselves. But the detail is incredible, including both summary information and drill-downs to individual nights.

December 23, 2013
Back home with the holiday’s booze (both for home, and to take with me to friends).

After which, I belatedly look up whether I am actually allowed to drink with my new meds. Bottom line – I am ok, as long as I am sensible, so no real change there. It wouldn’t have been a disaster (after all, I am driving Christmas and Boxing Day, anyway); but I must admit, I would have resented having spent money on a really nice bottle of port, if I wasn’t going to be able to have a glass.

November 7, 2013
I’ve now been using my WorkFit-S sit/stand desk for a couple of weeks, and it is going well.

Most of the publicity shots and videos show this kind of thing plumped in the middle of the desk – that doesn’t make any sense to me. I have mine as far to one side as I can manage, which leaves a good half of the desk available for non-computer tasks. Since the pictures I first took for Facebook, I have moved the device to the left side of my desk, which I prefer; I have also angled it slightly, so it doesn’t feel like it is just sticking out.

March 27, 2013
My office chair was coming to the end of its life. The gas lift was beginning to fail, although that could be replaced/repaired, but it was also getting a bit grubby with daily use. Then a wheel fell off!

It hasn’t done badly – I’ve had it for about 3 years, and considering it has had me sitting on it almost every day, I think it deserves a good retirement. In fact, I was so pleased with it, that I went back to the same company who sold it to me – Chellgrove Office Furniture, in Peterborough.

February 25, 2013
My last post hasn’t raised any comments here, but I know it has been read. In the last couple of days, I have been lectured twice in person. Once by a friend who explained to me how “organic” was all a con, and it had been “proved scientifically” that it was no better than non-organic. Another friend spoke to me as if I was a child, explaining (or rather parroting) that the horsemeat scandal was not a food safety issue, but simply a question of food labelling fraud.

Frankly, they are both totally missing the point.

February 23, 2013
A month back I restarted my vegetable box, from the good people of Riverford Sacrewell. I stopped the box last year, simply because I was getting so much veg from my garden. I should have restarted it when my garden’s production ended, but I got into my bad habits of not planning, and buying from the supermarket as and when I ran out of something.

This seemed to coincide with my other bad habit of buying prepared food and ready-meals. But it is not a coincidence. Walking round a supermarket (whether it is Tesco, Coop, Waitrose or whatever) it is just so easy to see things and think “that looks nice” and put it in your basket.

March 14, 2012
Knowing that there are one or two other CPAP users here, I thought that this might be of interest.

I’ve just taken delivery of a radical (at least to me!) new nasal mask called SleepWeaver. Unlike conventional masks, this is made of soft fabric, and inflates in use, ballooning to fit the contours of your face. The SleepWeaver can be used with CPAP, BiPAP or AutoPAP.