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April 8, 2011
Went to see my GP yesterday, as – despite having two different types of antibiotics in as many weeks – my leg was no better. He has given me another week’s supply of the second antibiotic, which agreed with me a little better than the first I took – this last week, I have had not had the sleep problems and nausea I had the previous week.

This is becoming more than tiresome, and a little worrying. The infection hasn’t spread at all, but over the last couple of days, the affected leg has been considerably swollen in the evening – elevating it helps, and after a night in bed, it completely goes down again.

April 1, 2011
Earlier I posted about how I had been prescribed antibiotics for an infection resulting from a cut on my leg. The last week hasn’t been brilliant – I am not in much pain or anything, and it hasn’t affected my mobility, but it’s affected both my gut and my sleep pattern.

The latter has been the most affecting – some days I have gone to lie down after work at 5:30, and woken up at 9 or 10pm. Of course, then my sleep during the night has usually ended in the early hours of the morning.

March 24, 2011
December 16, 2010
mouldEarlier this year, I mentioned I was seeing an orthodontist. This resulted partly from having a broken tooth removed about this time last year. Having had the tooth removed, I was told to let it heal for a month or so before considering my options – plate, bridge or implant.

When I returned in February this year, I discovered the dentist I had been seeing had left the practice, and so I had a new dentist. One of the things we discussed was my bite – something I have been asking dentists about for the last 10 years. For once, I found myself talking to someone interested in more than a “quick descale and polish”, and after examining me, she encouraged me to see an orthodonist before doing anything about my gap.

July 2, 2010
I had the day off today, and it was a day of appointments, the dentist in the morning, and the optician in the afternoon.

I wasn’t looking forward to the dentist – I never do. In December, I had a couple of teeth out (having broken one badly), and was told to let the gum heel for a couple of months before going back. With one thing and another, I’ve let 7 months pass, so I finally went back.

February 4, 2010
Over the last month, I’ve dipped in and out of being unwell – nothing alarming, merely coughs and sniffles, and a problem of being tired during the day, but unable to sleep properly at night, mainly due to said sniffles affecting my use of CPAP.

As a result, I’ve done bugger all housework over the last couple of weeks, I have a huge pile of t-shirts and underwear waiting to be ironed or put away, and I’ve missed out on a couple of things I intended to do this month, such as gaming and folk events.

January 6, 2009

No, it is not a sequel to Jim Carrey’s movie, although it is almost as funny.

While I was away for the holidays, my CPAP mask split. Fortunately it happened towards the end of the holiday, and I managed to make a running repair, which got me through the last couple of days. I keep a couple spare at home, so once I got back, I was fine.

However, I’ll now use it as an opportunity to rant about the medical supplies industry in the UK.