Third week of ABs

Went to see my GP yesterday, as – despite having two different types of antibiotics in as many weeks – my leg was no better. He has given me another week’s supply of the second antibiotic, which agreed with me a little better than the first I took – this last week, I have had not had the sleep problems and nausea I had the previous week.

This is becoming more than tiresome, and a little worrying. The infection hasn’t spread at all, but over the last couple of days, the affected leg has been considerably swollen in the evening – elevating it helps, and after a night in bed, it completely goes down again.

I can walk on it without pain, which is something, and have been doing so; as I feel that sitting with my foot up all the time isn’t achieving anything. However, I had stuff to do when I got back from my holiday, and this has slowed me down quite a bit. As a result, although my laundry is up to date, I still have piles of ironing; and I still haven’t brought in the final bits of furniture from the garage.

It has also meant my orthodontics appointment at Peterborough City Hospital has had to be postponed,as I didn’t think it was a good idea to attend a non-critical hospital appointment while having an ongoing infection. The earliest appointment they could give me is now in June, which means by which time it will be a year and a half since I lost the tooth that I have been trying to get replaced, but have been advised not to before the orthodontist consult is complete. Now *that* is tiresome.


  1. April 8, 2011

    🙁 Not good. Would you like help with ironing and shifting stuff? I’m tied up this weekend, but could make it over to you most times next week?

    • April 8, 2011

      Re: shifting stuff – it’s school holidays, so I could bring Jared with me – he’s taller and stronger than me these days, so would be more than up for helping out with removals (leaving you to rest that leg).

      • chris
        April 8, 2011

        That’s really kind. Let me see how I do this weekend, and I will let you know. The thing that I could use help on is the piano, which is definitely a two-person lift – Tim helped me move it out there. I managed to move the sofa we had stored there before my holiday, and the other stuff is mostly small and manageable (but behind the piano).

        I have moved the piano before on my own, by unscrewing it from the stand and doing it in two bits. However, that means going down on my knees, which I have been avoiding for obvious reasons! 🙂

        As for the ironing, this is going to sound really stupid, but much as I really appreciate the offer, I would feel really wretched (and lazy!) letting someone else do my chores.

        I am not working today, so I am going to see if I can “man up” and tackle it this afternoon. I have the last 5 episodes of “Fringe” series 1 to watch, so I will set the board up in front of the TV.

  2. chris
    April 8, 2011

    I didn’t get the ironing done, as I decided it was too warm to stand over an ironing board. However, I did sort the clean laundry into two piles – “going out” stuff that I’d definitely want to iron, and “around the house” t-shirts that it wouldn’t matter if I wore them as they are. As a result, the ironing pile is now only one and a half baskets.

    However, I haven’t rested on my laurels. After giving the kitchen a good clean (my regular Friday job), I made a start on the conservatory, which was piled high still from when I cleared the lounge and kitchen for the flooring to go down. It is still piled, but not so high, and I have liberated another deep bookcase and moved it into the lounge, where it belongs. I reckon another morning’s work, and the conservatory will be almost respectable again – which since it is now warm enough to use, will be a good idea.

    Now I am going to make some tea, and put my feet up for the night!

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