SEO Help? No Thanks!

There is not a week go by that I don’t get email via my website from some charlatan wanting to boost my website’s listing on Google. Even with spammer detection in place, they still manage to get through.

It has now got to the point that I automatically delete anything that mentions SEO.

The facts are this:

  • This is a personal blog, an online diary.
  • The people I want to read this either already know it is here, or are directed to it from links in Twitter or Facebook.
  • It is not a business, I’m not trying to sell or promote anything, and it doesn’t matter to me where it appears on Google.

So when I get an email which tells me (and it invariably does) that they are writing to me having studied my blog with a professional eye, I have a pretty strong suspicion that they are a damned liar.

After posting this, that suspicion will become a certainty.

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