New Toy: Amazon Fire HD10 Tablet

I have more than one tablet here, no-one would be surprised to know. Not counting my Kindle Paper, which is a different thing entirely, I have two Fire 7 tablets (one purchased, one a gift) and an ancient Google Nexus 10.

The Nexus 10 was my workhorse tablet. It is the one that has my Songbook software installed on, with all my song lyrics and chords; the 7″ tablets are just too small for my eyes. But it is 8 years old, and doing anything on it these days seems such a faff.

And when you stop enjoying using a gadget, you tend to use it less and less. At this present moment, I am not sure which drawer or cupboard it is in.

So, as it’s been at least a week since I bought my last gadget, I picked up one of these – an Amazon Fire HD10. Like the Nexus, it is a 10 inch screen, but the dimensions seem longer and narrower, along the lines of a widescreen. As this happens, this suits my use of Songbook even better than my original tablet.

At the same time, I picked up a case to go with it, which is an extravagance I don’t normally go for, but I am not unhappy with it, it is light, and also acts as a stand in both landscape and portrait modes.

Of course, the Fire tablets are non-standard Android, using the Amazon app store, but it is not quite the walled garden it used to be. It took me less than half an hour to get Google Services and the Google Play store side-loaded, after which I can install any standard Android app. Which definitely beats paying twice for apps that I already own.

The colour, by the way is Plum. It is definitely not purple; oh no, indeed.

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