Happy Birthday, from Alexa

This morning, when I woke up, I had Alexa sing me “Happy Birthday”.

But once I got up, and checked my email, I found she had wished me Happy Birthday in an unexpected – quite coincidental – way.

Back in November, I made an application for Amazon’s Alexa Developer’s Perks, rewarding skill developers with freebies.

Writing 3 new skills between October and Dec 15 entitled me to a free Echo Spot. A fourth skill, utilising Echo screen devices, would earn an Echo Show.

I made the application, but didn’t know if my fourth skill made sufficient use of the screen to earn the perk.

Today I got notification that my application was successful, and voucher codes for both devices. That’s £340 worth of free kit!

The Spot will probably be replacing my 1st Gen Echo as my bedroom alarm clock; the new generation Show will either take the place of the 1st Gen Show in my office or the one in my kitchen. Probably the office – it is a 10″ screen, as opposed to a 7″ screen, and I think that will be useful.

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