Poem: The Government They Deserve

They say it’s often been observed
That folk get the government they deserve
The current case is not exempt
A government guilty of contempt

But surely this is not our fault?
A general public never caught
In hyperbole and outright lies.
“It’s not our doing” I hear us cry.

But a lie that’s told is half the tale
If not believed, it’s doomed to fail
So guilty we too stand accused
Of being too easily confused.

We consume their hate, devour their fear
We must not doubt, lest people sneer.
We swallow the lie on the mightiest scale
The Telegraph, Sun and Daily Mail.

Don’t stop, don’t think, don’t check or query
Just read the bullshit and feel weary
It’s there in print, so must be true
We all believe it, and so should you.

But now it’s time to pause for thought
And think of why these lies were brought
Who gains from the country’s deep divide?
“Cui bono est?” should be our guide.

Stop, think, check, query.
Test the facts, and challenge theory
Don’t be afraid to raise your voice
For it’s your future, and your choice.

Go to the source, decide what’s probable
Don’t trust anecdotes apocryphal
Listen to experts, we need more, not less
But don’t just believe, think and digest.

And in the end, whatever you do
Above all else, to yourself be true
Speak your mind, don’t be obedient
Do what’s right, not what’s expedient

They say it’s often been observed
That folk get the government they deserve
So if we for better leaders search
It’s up to us to do the work

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