New Echo Kit

My new gadgets, courtesy of the Alexa Developer Perks, arrived today.

The Spot makes a darling little Alexa alarm clock, and although its reactive dimming might not quite go far enough for me on nights where even dull glows bother my sleep, I’ve found the command “Alexa, turn off screen” does just that, resulting in blackest black, only to resume when I use the device next.

The new Show is bigger than the old Show, and is delightful. However, I have my old Show on a stand that allows me to alter the tilt of the screen and – more importantly – the camera. As it lives on a windowsill – higher than a desk or counter – this is important.

A stand exists for the new Show, but isn’t well reviewed, so I left it for now. But I have just discovered that even though the new Show does not fit the existing stand how it should, this is only apparent from the back. Rather than sitting *in* the stand, it is loosely wedged in there, but it is completely stable and secure; and can be tilted to any angle.

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