Flash Point: Fire Rescue (Board Game)

As my last purchase didn’t exhaust my PayPal balance, I treated myself to a copy of Flash Point, together with a couple of expansion boards.

One of the other guys in my group already has this, and I really enjoyed it when I played it. As I love cooperative games, I decided to pick up my own copy.

Flash Point is another cooperative game, where you get to play a fireman (or – in the advanced game – ancilary roles such as paramedic, hazmat technician etc). The base game comes with a double-sided board, each side depicting a building. The expansions give you alternate buildings, including high-rise and duplex, with rule changes to depict the attendent problems they bring.

Game play is fairly simple, and is fun. Like many cooperative games, each player has several actions points, which they can spend doing things like moving, opening doors, putting out fires, rescuing civilians and so on. If there is no convenient door, you can even take an axe to the wall, and cut your way through. However, too much demolition, and the whole building will collapse around you.

At the end of their turn, they then have to determine random events that shape how the fire will progress. Because a “fire spreads” round happens after each player’s turn, the game is scalable – it plays 2-6 players, and even plays well solo.

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