Wings of War/Wings of Glory

Due to selling off some stuff from the Aladdin’s Cave I call my garage, I’d accumulated quite a large PayPal balance. So I decided to treat myself with some unnecessary, but fun, board game accessories for my Wings of War collection.

I love Wings of War (now republished as Wings of Glory), but it doesn’t reach the table that often. This isn’t due to lack of interest – in fact, recently one of my friends was asking why we haven’t played it for so long – but it is more due to they way I currently have it stored – with each plane individually boxed. This not only makes it a bit of a faff to set up – opening lots of boxes – but also makes it a job to put away, because – of course – each plane must go back in the correct box.

So I have splashed out, and bought an aluminium storage case, with custom foam inserts. The one I have bought has storage for all the bits and pieces, 18 single-seater planes, and 6 two-seater planes. This is more than adequate, as I currently only have 12 singles and 2 two-seaters. The original boxes will be safely put away in a carton in the loft, in case I ever need them (doubtful).

This method of storage isn’t cheap – I could have bought a couple of new games for the money – but I am hoping it will make it convenient to get this game out more often. In particular, I think it makes the game practical for playing at our weekday sessions in the Brewery Tap pub.

At the same time, I have also bought some scenery mats. These are gorgeous, and come in three styles – Coast, Country and City. For most of our play, I only really need one, but I couldn’t decide between City and Coast, so I bought two. They are modular, in that the edges match whichever way you lay them. Thus we have a choice of a broad rectangular area, or something long and thin.

I have just tried them out for size on the two tables I use the most for gaming – a single mat is probably going to be good for fights involving up to 4 planes, and leaves plenty of room around the edge of either table for cards and counters. Two maps side by side just fit, but without much spare space; however I have a number of side tables we can use for player stations.

Now we have access to the upstairs of the Brewery Tap again (the management have given us an exemption to the week-day closure of upstairs), I reckon the big tables there will take dual maps with plenty of space to spare.


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