Wings of War – Flight Ready

A couple of days ago, I posted how I was going to put all my Wings of War stuff into a single case, in the hope it might get to table more often.

The case is now here, and having arranged everything and rearranged everything several times, I have to say it is awesome. To give you an idea why, here are some pictures.

This is how my game used to be stored: 2 game boxes, and 14 individual figure boxes.

2013-06-05 19.57.51

This is how is is now stored: everything in one case (showing just 2 of the 4 layers)

2013-06-05 20.00.10

I love the way they have designed the foam inserts so that the maneuver cards associated with each aircraft is stored next to that aircraft, making it simple to hand out what is required to each player. Whereas other counters and damage cards, which form a central pool, are stored in a lower layer.

I only have two problems.

  • The case will hold 6 two seaters, and 18 single seaters. I only have 2 two seaters, and 12 single seaters. I don’t have enough aircraft!
  • What I am expected to do with this – the bits removed from the foam to make way for the figures and cards. They look like they may be useful for something, but I can’t think what. Surely I can’t just throw them away!

2013-06-05 20.01.46
Single seaters: 3 Sopwith Camel, 3 Spad XIII, 3 Fokker Dr.I, 3 Albatros D.Va
Two seaters: De Havilland D.H.4, LFG Roland C.II

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