On the road

I am just off on a little road trip, what makes it exciting is it is the first proper outing for the Berlingo.

First a trip down to Wiltshire, to visit and for the afternoon, and exchange a guitar for some gaming books; then a drive back to Reading to collect another “Lil’ Tex” Pellet Cooker, just like my own.

Then a hop across the M4, and staying with and for a couple of days, before driving back home Monday morning.

Then after a cup of tea, or perhaps a spot of lunch, carry on up the A15, to deliver the Lil’ Tex to its new owners, and .

Then finally, back home again!

It’s a decent trip, with a mixture of motorway and A-roads, which should let me try out the Berlingo’s cruise control and also my new TomTom. Plus I get to see a lot of really cool people!

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