All I need now is a nice bottle of chianti…

As I mentioned earlier, I have been very impressed with my broad beans, and although they are a long way off being fully developed pods, I wanted to give some a try. So I picked some, and podded them. As they were so young, I didn’t bother skinning the individual beans, I just did them in a saucepan for 4 minutes.

Garden to table in about 20 minutes, and quite delicious.

It was only after doing this, that I discovered that young beans can be cooked pods and all, despite the furry insides. Recipes I have come across include roasting for 40 minutes, and grilling – all intended, I expect, to crisp up the outer pod. I might try that.

The one thing I didn’t realise was that what we call a broad bean, over here in the UK, is known in the US as a fava bean. As a result, I have found a lot of other ways to prepare them!

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