Recycling II

Earlier, I mentioned that South Kestevan had started charging for collection of garden waste.

I wasn’t completely right, in that I said that the charge was applied from April. In fact, they only applied it from this week. However, lack of communication from South Kestevan meant that there was a lot of confusion as to when the scheme started, and many assumed it started from when the stickers to prove you had paid went on sale. This confusion apparently extended to the guy who refused to empty my bin one week, but not to the chap who emptied it a fortnight later.

Anyway, in reply to a query from me, South Kestevan have responded. The garden waste scheme has always been optional, and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the scheme can do one of the following with their garden waste.

1) Compost it themselves.
2) Bag it up and take it to the household waste recycling centres
3) Put it into your black bin (household waste for landfill).

South Kestevan say they discourage the third option, but there is actually nothing they can do to stop it, as disposal of garden waste separately is optional.

Furthermore, the list of things that can go into the green scheme is more limited than ever – due, I think, to it being used for commercial composting. No kitchen fruit/vegetable waste, no peelings, no tea bags. Just hedge clippings, grass clippings, dead plants and leaves.

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