Going out without my wallet…

… probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do this morning, with an optician’s appointment to pay for.

As I haven’t been out much recently, my wallet was sitting on my desk, from my last bout of buying stuff online.

I turned up at Queensgate, and parked. It was when I went to slip the parking ticket into my wallet I realised the problem.

So I went over to Boot’s Opticians early, and asked how much the test cost. 20 quid, I was told. Time to empty out the pockets – 4 x 2 quid coins in one, 5 x 1 pound coins in the other, plus another 3 x 2 pound coins and assorted change in my fleece. A total of 24 quid, which was more than enough for the eye test, and to cover parking charges.

As I expected, my distance vision hasn’t changed since the last test (2010), but my reading addition has gone up from 1.75 to 2.00. This is good as it means I can justify replacing my varifocals, which recently got sat on, and are a bit wonky, but my prescription sunglasses, which I often use for driving, are still 100% good.

I’ve also been looking at prescription 3D glasses – both for TV use and the cinema, but they are still pricier than they really should be (80 quid), so I am perservering with my 5 quid clip-ons!

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