Julia Nunes Would Be Nothing Without Me (Apparently)

A while ago, in June last year, I backed a Kickstarter project by Julia Nunes. I’ve mentioned Julia before as being a YouTube genius. She has released a couple of albums in the past, but was looking to raise $15,000 to do a proper studio album. Within 24 hours she had received pledges of $19,000, and by the time the project closed, she had pledges of $77,888, with 1,685 backers.

I think one of the reasons that Julia is so popular with her fans is that she is so… well, interactive. She has used the Kickstarter site to the fullest, with regular updates and even videos of part of the recording process and her giving an impromtu concert in the Kickstarter office.

Anyway, on Saturday, the album arrived, and it is delightful. Called Settle Down, it is a well polished performance with some excellent songs. And I get a credit on the liner notes (along with several hundred other people)!

Note: With regard to the subject of this post, those are Julia’s words, not mine!

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