Not again…

Some of you may remember that I had a bout of cellulitus in my leg in April, following a minor injury while in the States. It took three weeks worth of anti-biotics to get rid of it, which knocked me for six at the time. But it did seem to go, and after another week or so, the swollen legs went back to normal again.

Two months later: late Tuesday night, I was watching TV, when I felt a burning sensation in my leg. I rolled up my trousers to look at it, and a piece of skin the size of a 10p piece came away with it – it was just like a blister that had popped, but I had noticed no such blister, or any prior feeling of something amiss. Yesterday morning, it was looking inflamed, and I finally got to see a GP today. The cellulitus is back, and I am back on anti-biotics.

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