My Christmas

Haven’t been online for a few days, so thought I would catch up.

Christmas Day was spent with friends near Spalding. I was due there at 1pm, but arrived half an hour early, having allowed for problems that never occurred. I had been concerned about what the roads would be like, but in the morning, the sun came out, and the roads were completely clear.

Had a brilliant Christmas Dinner and spent the afternoon in front of the TV with everyone, chatting and watching movies and Dr Who. I had planned to leave early, but as the roads were fine, I stayed for tea, and didn’t leave until 10pm.

On Boxing Day, another friend came over for some gaming – we played Federation Commander, which is the simplification of the classic Star Fleet Battles. It plays brilliantly, and is much easier to understand and keep moving. We also played Stronghold, which was a boardgame I had never encountered before. I played the bad guys, leading a band of goblins, orcs and trolls in a siege against the stronghold. Although it finally fell to my troops, my opponent held out long enough to gain more glory points then me, thus winning the game.

Monday I had to myself, and was pretty much a lazy day.

On Tuesday, I drove over to Spalding again, to play more boardgames – Cyclades – which was a brilliant wargame, where the Gods’ favours are needed to carry out the various turn options; and a 5-way Axis and Allies, where the Royal Navy hung on past all expectation and led the Allies into a victory.

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