A Pretty Pickle

So while my turkey was smoking and the beef was bubbling, I made a couple of trips to complete my last minute shopping, including – believe it or not – a loo seat to replace the one I prescotted yesterday. Christmas eve shopping has never been sexier.

Got home, and rearranged my lounge. Although I had said I wasn’t moving any more furniture in until the carpets went down, I now have visitors on Boxing Day, News Years Eve, and New Year’s Bank Holiday (Mon Jan 3), so I decided I needed the other, larger, sofa, after all. Which meant moving it in from the conservatory – easy for 2 people, but a bit of a handful on your own – and then moving the two bookshelves that were delivered last week (5 weeks before they were due to arrive, in fact) out to the conservatory. Which is kind of neat, as rather than stuff my fridge with everything, I have my veg and semi-perishables out there instead – it is hovering between 2 and 5 degrees, so is fine.

By which time the turkey and beef were ready, so took them off the heat, and left them to rest, while I washed up, and put the smoker away.

Finally sat down with cup of tea and a taster from each of the joints and thought “I don’t have to go out any more”. Which is when I thought “Where are the pickles – the gherkins, the sweet pickle, the picallilli?” Cold meat and mashed potatoes on Boxing Day without pickles – unthinkable! So I had to pull my socks back on, put on all the layers again, and venture out for those little things that complement the meal so well.

Anyway, I am now ready for Christmas, I have my box of beer and treats by the door to take with me tomorrow, and the lounge looks really cool, even without carpets. It’s amazing the difference a rug or two makes.

Merry Christmas to everyone I know who may be reading this. Have fun, and hope you remembered the pickles!

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  1. Jo
    December 26, 2010

    Merry Christmas Chris 🙂

    We had roast goose yesterday, plus slices of the ham I’d cooked in Coke a day or so ago (you’re right, coke does wonderful things to neat). Did the goose with a red wine and date sauce (Gordon Ramsay recipe) and it was really, really good. Only problem was that our water went off half way through yesterday, so had to do a mad scramble to find enough bottled water to cook the veggies. Still no water this morning (frozen, we think), but at least the shops are open!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday! I will – no cooking today after my 6 hour marathon yesterday 🙂

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