Time to Shop

For the last couple of months, following my decorating, I have been living without floor coverings downstairs, apart from a few rugs. This is because I thought I would be daft to order my carpets in November, with the sales so close.

So yesterday I ventured out to the sales – in particular at AHF (aka the Co-op). I had them call on me before Christmas to measure up my lounge and kitchen, so all I had to do was go in and select what I wanted.

I think the wait was worth it – the carpet I selected was reduced from 59 pounds to 19; whereas the kitchen floor was marked down from 40 quid to 23.

On paper, this meant that I saved about two grand. However, such reductions are usually based on prices that are themselves inflated in the couple of months before the sales. I reckon my real saving is about a grand, based on prices I saw earlier this year. Not to be sneezed at!

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