Garden Update

While here, I have managed to have a look at the garden, and may do some more tomorrow, before going back to London.

The bad news: my Pak Choi has bolted, my courgettes have withered and the strawberries appear to have been mostly eaten by the birds. Lucky birds.

The good news: I have embarrassing riches of lettuce and salad greens. So much so that I will need to pull about 10 lettuces (which are about medium sized) to give the others room to grow. No slugs or snails apparent. The peas, which were amazingly inactive 2 weeks ago are now 2-3 foot high, and bearing flowers and some pods; the broad beans are in flower; the spring onions are small but have potential, and the leaks are also looking promising, as are the potatoes and sprouts.

Haven’t checked out the tomato plants yet, but they looked ok – I will need to feed them and nip out the side shoots before I go, but that won’t take long.

The grass is almost as high as the peas, but we had a thunder storm today, so I am not even thinking of cutting it.


  1. Ali
    July 5, 2009

    well done on the veg. I now have an allotment. A few months ago it was a field and it’s trying to be one again!

    hope everything is OK.


  2. chris
    July 6, 2009

    A really interesting blog for anyone growing veg is

    Nicely written, and with great photography, I use it as a rough reminder of what I should be doing at any time of year.

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