50 Songs In 90 Days

July 4 rolls around again, and with it comes the 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge.

The challenge runs from July 4 for 90 days, and the aim is to write 50 songs in that time. Originally a Yahoo! group, the challenge group moved over to FAWM a year or so ago, although it still has a presence at Yahoo!

I’ve attempted the challenge several times in the past, and have never achieved 50 songs. However, I have always come away with a bundle of songs that I wouldn’t have otherwise written, so I don’t see it as a failure.

Of course, the secret to success is to suspend any critical filters you might have. It doesn’t matter whether what you write is good or not, as long as you write. I find that in doing this, I end up with a decent proportion of songs that are good, a number of which I now include in my repertoire. If any of you have heard Lodestone (“Magnetic poetry, it is your friend”), I Hear The Rain, Dark Moon Rising, or The Lives of Others, then you have heard one of my 50/90 songs.


  1. July 7, 2009

    I was wondering if The Lives of Others was based on the film of the same name?

    • chris
      July 7, 2009

      Yes it is. An excellent film.

      For those who haven’t heard the song:

      The Lives of Others
      Words and Music: Chris Malme

      I had never thought this ever could be
      After all this time
      Being on my own
      Happy with myself
      Glad to be alone

      I had never thought this could happen to me
      Then you came along
      Showed me what I’d missed
      Longing for your touch
      Yearning for a kiss

      And through it all, you’ll never know I’m here
      Hidden in my room
      You’ll catch a glimpse and then I disappear
      Safe within the gloom

      Just another day, like so many before
      Just another job
      Just another case
      Didn’t mean a thing
      ‘Til I saw your face


      I had never thought this could happen to me
      Acting in this way
      Protect you and your lover
      For now my life exists
      Just through the lives of others

      CHORUS x 2

  2. July 7, 2009

    I agree it is an excellent film. I’d like to hear the song sometime. Are you coming down for the Unicon?

  3. chris
    July 8, 2009

    I’m afraid not. There is a possibility of my being at Lissa/Phils thing in a few weeks time, depending on how my mum is doing.

  4. chris
    August 31, 2009

    For reasons that will be obvious to anyone reading my blog, my participation in this didn’t happen this year.

    Never mind, there will be another one in 2010.

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