Back from holiday, but complications…

Have just got back from 2 weeks in Dorset, with Mum. We had a good time, and good weather. While there, I was not net connected, but I made some notes and took some pictures, intending, at some point, to retrospectively publish some of the highlights of the trip.

Unfortunately, on Friday, the evening of our return to Mum’s house, she fell ill, and had to be admitted to hospital. I’m not going to go into details, but it is pretty serious, although she appears to be stable and in good cheer for the moment. We are awaiting further tests, which should happen some time today.

Having spent the weekend there, I am back home for a couple of days, to get my own stuff sorted out, before returning to London.


  1. chris
    June 25, 2009

    A quick update

    Over the past week, mum has been in Whipps Cross University Hospial (quite local, and excellent), while I have been staying in Chingford and visiting her most afternoons (with my brother visiting evenings), with just a couple of trips back to Market Deeping to check the house is still standing.

    Her condition is fairly serious, if untreated, but is currently stable. It has become necessary to refer her case to a specialist hospital, but in the meantime, they have decided that it is in her best interests to come home. At least this way she gets to watch the second week of Wimbledon!

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