Driving to Canada

I meet Dave and Judith at breakfast, before we all get ready for the long drive to Hamilton, Ontario. We hit the road, but before we leave the area, Judith wants to visit Silver Springs, to see the Penguin mural.

The mural, which is of a busy Metro station, where all the “people” are penguins, was painted years ago, as a temporary measure while work was done to the station. However, whe it became time to replace the temporary hoarding, there was a public outcry, and there is now a campaign and fund to renovate it.

Having seen the mural, Judith wants to find the shop she has been told of, that sells t-shirts and mugs to raise money for the fund. We eventually find it, but it delays our journey a little.

The drive itself is largely uneventful, but with enjoyable conversation. There is amusement at the border when the guard is told there is an Englishman in the car.

“Where is he from?” we are asked, to which Dave replied I had flown in from London.

“London, Ontario?” asks the guard, puzzled.

As Dave replies “No, London, England” I reflect that things wouldn’t have been any less confusinng if we had said I was from Peterborough – Ontario has one of those too.

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