Visiting Toronto

We drive up to Toronto, and visit the CN tower, the tallest building in the world. The views are extraordinary, as is the speed of the elevator. We spend quite a bit of time just looking at the view, particularly at the stadium next door, which is slowly opening its roof. We have a drink in the tower restaurant, but go elsewhere for lunch.

CN Tower

A visit to what claims to be the world’s biggest bookshop is interesting, although I think Foyles of London may be bigger. I’m trying not to buy too many books and things, to keep the weight of my luggage down, but I enjoy looking at the books, and noting titles for a future Amazon order. We meet up with Debbie Ohi, and drive on to Thornford, where Sally Headford is hosting a housefilk. I discover I have left all my lyric sheets behind in Hamilton, but I also have them on my Palm, so it is no great problem.

We have a great time, the head back to Hamilton, dropping Debbie off at a station on the way.

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