The long-dreaded second half of my workshop. Today we have to find a tune for our new lyric, which is looking good. Gary McGath cannot make the session, but has given me some ideas for the chorus.

The session takes a while to get going, as we fix some lyric problems and typos. We are working on a fairly standard folky tune, when someone (whose name I am currently blanking on, but I will credit here when I get my notes out of my suitcase) asks if she can try something. She sings the lyric to a wonderful blues melody, that we quickly agree to adopt. This gives us time to actually arrange and rehearse the song for a later performance.

The original plan was to perform the song at the closing ceremony, but some people need to get on the road, so we make a quick lyric change to enable us to enter it into the “Bugs” song contest. The song goes down well, but (to my relief) does not win the contest.

There then follows the one-shots, and the closing ceremony, where I am asked to lead “Sam’s Song”.

After a couple of hours, while the committee do committee things, they take Jordan and myself to dinner at Roy’s, a sandwich place, although sandwich does not do justice to what they serve there.

When we get back, I find a filk going on in the con suite, including Dave, Judith and Erica.

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