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ROB-RAD-STREAM93I-BK.pngAlthough I have had a Roberts Stream 93i radio for well over a year before buying one for my office, I am now using it a lot more for streaming from my NAS.

I ran into a puzzle where it appeared to *sometimes* be ignoring the album’s track order, even though the files appeared to have correctly embedded information, and in some cases even had the track numbers in the filenames.

For a while I thought it was than I needed to flush and reindex the media part of my NAS, which appeared to fix it, although it was terribly inconvenient. However I was wrong.

There are numerous ways of calling up music on the device – by Artist, by Album, by Folder. As my folder names tend to be the album name, I had never noticed that sometimes I was using one, and sometimes the other.

When I use Album or Artist, it orders the tracks by track number. When I use Folder, it does it by track name. Note that that is *track* name, not *file* name. I could understand it if navigating via Folder ordered things by filename, but it is still using the track name in the embedded information, just not the track number.


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  1. chris
    July 12, 2016

    A recent firmware upgrade has introduced a couple of new features to the Stream93i.

    As well as twin alarms, it now also has a “Kitchen Timer” alarm. Which means I can set it to 45 mins for a lunchtime coffee nap without having to reset my normal morning alarms.

    The other thing is even better – the radio has two separate display settings, allowing you to set the display brightness to high, medium and low for both the case where the radio is actually doing something, and when it is in standby. To the standby menu they have now added a display *off* option, which I have immediately taken advantage of, as I am fairly sensistive to lights and such when I am trying to sleep.

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