Fact checking can be fun

I normally have an idea about what parcels I am expecting in the mail, so the postman surprised me this morning with a small package, which I had no idea what it was.

Turns out it was my gift from fullfact.org, for supporting them. Furthermore, unlike many such gifts, it was something fun and useful.

First the mug. Pretty standard fare for a supporter’s gift, but actually quite a nice mug, not a cheap and nasty one.

Second a set of stickers. Presumably these are to stick on anything you consider suspect: “Disproven zombie claim”, “Please show your working”, “Citation Needed” and – my favourite – “That stat doesn’t mean what you think it means”.

Finally, a small stick of rock; which is exactly what I needed for my mid-morning sugar slump. But even that was witty, with a legend “Sugar coated information is hard to swallow”. But not the rock – nom nom nom.

All in all, this little package made my morning, and just goes to show that fact checking can be fun, too!

2016-06-29 10.42.30

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