My nemesis, Wil Wheaton

This time last year, I signed up to support the Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a 3rd season of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. I had enjoyed the first two seasons, and had no hesitation in contributing.

Originally I signed up for the $40 contribution, which would give me a perk of the first two seasons on DVD, plus extras. However, soon after, they announced a LootCrate option at $100. This was described as an “EXCLUSIVE LOOT CRATE BOX with lots of great TableTop Gear inside! Handpicked by Wil, this is a once in a lifetime box that will ONLY BE MADE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN.” (Capitals are from the campaign text)

This seemed like fun, so I amended my contribution and sat back to wait. I wasn’t surprised when there was no sign of the loot crate in July 2014, as announced – I have never known a crowd funded project to come in on time. But by Christmas, there were quite a few of us getting concerned. Especially as the other perks were all being delivered to people – the one thing that was outstanding was the LootCrate.

After a long time of – well, silence – we were told it was almost there, and just waiting for two items – some cards and some dice. 6 months to source some cards and dice seemed a long time.

Anyway, I collected my LootCrate from the post office on Monday. The only reason I wasn’t stunningly disappointed is because I had already read online what the contents were. Here it is, in its magnificence.


The contents:

Cards Against Humanity – TableTop expansion
Wil Wheaton Bobble Budd
TableTop branded pack of cards.
TableTop pocket notebook
TableTop button (first player chip)
Two TableTop dice
Unbranded dice shaker
Three TableTop pencils
TableTop “cloth”

While this doesn’t seem like a bad haul, it should be noted that 3 of these items – the CAH expansion, the dice and the button – aren’t really part of the LootCrate proper (although they were in the box). They were bonus items, that all contributors received.

In addition, the dice are a minor disaster – the idea is that one of the faces (the 6, I think) have the word “Table” on one dice, and “Top” on the other. Except that this obviously wasn’t explained to the people packing the boxes, as many people have either got two “Table” die, or two “Top” die. I have a surfeit of tables.

The shaker, cards and notebook are all pretty “meh”, the Bobble Budd is fun and the cloth – a large cloth with the TableTop logo is also nice, although no-one quite knows what it is supposed to be – a table covering, a flag or a cape! (it has two ties at one end)

I am aware that my $100 was to help produce the new season of TableTop; I was not expecting $100 of cool stuff – or even close. But I don’t feel that the box represents what we were promised – lots of great TableTop Gear, handpicked by Wil. If Wil really did have a hand in putting this box together, then he is more easily pleased than I am.

It’s daft, I know, but the 6 months delay – over a pack of cards and a pair of incorrectly supplied dice – together with the un-greatness of the LootCrate has really left a nasty taste in my mouth. I haven’t even bothered to watch the new season yet, and I am doubtful I will ever support another TableTop campaign.

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