Month: June 2012

June 17, 2012
When I booked to go to this August’s filk weekend at Halsway Manor, I decided not to drive down there just for the weekend. Originally I booked a week off work *after* the weekend at Halsway, then realised this didn’t fit in well with booking cottages, which generally let from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday.

So I changed my holiday to the week before Halsway. That way I could have a cottage for a week starting on a Friday, then go straight on to Halsway Manor.

June 9, 2012
Earlier, I mentioned that South Kestevan had started charging for collection of garden waste.

I wasn’t completely right, in that I said that the charge was applied from April. In fact, they only applied it from this week. However, lack of communication from South Kestevan meant that there was a lot of confusion as to when the scheme started, and many assumed it started from when the stickers to prove you had paid went on sale. This confusion apparently extended to the guy who refused to empty my bin one week, but not to the chap who emptied it a fortnight later.

June 1, 2012
I am just off on a little road trip, what makes it exciting is it is the first proper outing for the Berlingo.

First a trip down to Wiltshire, to visit and for the afternoon, and exchange a guitar for some gaming books; then a drive back to Reading to collect another “Lil’ Tex” Pellet Cooker, just like my own.