Not a particularly good weekend

I just looked at my last post, and corrected a load of typos, which were probably indicative of my state of mind. Spent most of the weekend on the sofa, with my nose alternately in a book or a hankerchief.

Friday and Saturday nights, I ended up bringing my duvet downstairs and slept in my recliner chair, with the footrest out, but only slightly reclined. This was because every time I lay down in bed, I was wracked with coughing fits.

Sometime last night, I made my way upstairs – I don’t remember doing so, but I woke up in bed, and with my chest not too gunky.

I’ve worked today (both a benefit and drawback from working from home), and am tired, but not a complete wreck.

I need to do some more shopping, but that can wait until tomorrow. I have a pizza in the fridge, and sometime yesterday, I poured a chocolate cake mix into my breadmaker, and still have some left. I think I will survive.

Have still heard bugger all from Papworth about my CPAP, which is annoying me somewhat.

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