My new toy II

[Note: thankfully this issue has now been resolved]

After it got dark, I was able to do the final test, and the answer is a minor *sigh*.

I really don’t know what it is about equipment manufacturers and backlit keys and displays, especially for machines meant for the bedroom. Am I the only one who thinks the bedroom should be relatively dark?

This model has a large backlit LCD and the keys all light up. I’d hoped for a way to turn it off, but there doesn’t appear to be an option. This is doubly silly, as it is clear that the light is software controlled – when the machine is switched *off*, you have the option of having the keys/LCD dimly lit or not lit at all. When the machine is switched on, the only option of for the keys/LCD to be brightly lit. This seems to be the wrong way round to me – if I want it lit at all, I want it lit when it is off and I am reaching to turn it on, not when it is running, and I am going to sleep.

So why only a minor *sigh*? In mitigation, the light, while bright, is green, like a clock radio at its highest intensity, rather than the super-bright intense blue of the previous CPAP machine. This is the difference between being a glow on the bedside to having your whole ceiling lit up.

The other thing is that I now have it configured to turn on automatically when I put the mask on, and turn off automatically when I am not wearing the mask. This actually means there is no reason why the machine has to be on my bedside table at all, I can tuck it away out of sight – either in a drawer, if I can be sure of the air supply, or under the bed itself.

I still think it is bad design, but it seems everyone is at it.

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