CPAP – promising news

The nonsense with Papworth Hospital unfortunately continues, emphasising to me that you can think an organisation is really great (I’ve had no complaints in 10 years), but it only takes one major foulup and a total lack of will to fix it to completely change your mind.

I have now been stuck with a CPAP that doesn’t work well for me for 4 weeks. During that time, I have been fobbed off by the technical people for a few days, had my notes placed with “my” consultant’s office for two weeks, ignoring the fact he is on annual leave, and for the past week the issue has been with another consultant, who I haven’t managed to speak with once, only repeated phone calls to his secretary. This is despite my stressing several times that I am not getting quality sleep, that it has affected my social life (a week’s holiday wasted, haven’t had the energy to go out once in the last 3 weeks) and work (tired all the time, to the point that I have taken time off). All they can see is that I have been giving a “new” (it’s not), “improved” (it’s not) machine.

Anyway, I have been brought good news by a chap called Ian, from a company called Intus Healthcare, who sell CPAPs. I have been talking to him over the past few weeks, but have been waiting to get a letter from Papworth, which will let him sell a machine to me – as they are medical equipment, this is a requirement. Having heard from me today, and realising how stressed I am, he sent me a form statement to fill out and send to him, basically saying I know what I am doing, and I absolve his company of all responsibility. On receipt of this, by email, he has immediately sent me the machine I have wanted to buy for a while, by overnight courier. So by tomorrow, I should be getting decent sleep again.

Of course, I still need that letter, in order to tidy up the paperwork for Ian. I wonder how much longer it will take Papworth?

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