All change

A year ago, I was discussing redesigning my lounge, resulting in the TV and sofa going in the smaller part of the room, leaving more room for dining/music/gameplaying activities around the table.

Having lived with it since February, I came to the conclusion that it didn’t work. I liked the “snug” aspect of the room, but came to the conclusion that the TV was simply too close to the sofa – especially when I replaced the old telly with a 42″ 3D beastie. For me it was marginal, but everyone who came to visit said “you know, your TV is too close to the sofa”, and gradually I began to come around to the same opinion.

Another aspect is that I thought I could get away with a single sofa in front of the TV, as friends seldom come around to watch TV – they always visit to eat, play games, or play music. However, since getting the 3D TV, this seems to have changed – don’t know why I didn’t predict that!

Anyway, I have combined that with the need for a new TV aerial (the old one was falling off the wall, and was a serious hazard), and had the new aerial sited in a much better place. The TV is now moving back into the lounge part of the room, along with both sofas. However, because I had the fireplace removed during the decoration, they can be positioned far better than they used to be. Where the dining table is going, I am not sure yet.

The new aeriel is giving me much better reception on all channels, with no breaking up of the picture when the wind blows. Now all I have to do is move the rest of the furniture about.

While installing the aerial, I had them extend the cabling upstairs, and I have a good picture in my bedroom for the first time ever. I realise this sounds like decadence to some, but what the hell – I enjoy watching late night movies in bed!

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