Scrapheap Orchestra

Had a fairly quiet weekend, as I’ve been nursing a bad cold, and this close to Christmas, I want to make sure I get rid of it quick.

It was a good excuse to watch some Fringe. I picked up the third season on DVD a few weeks ago, so today I watched the last two episodes of season two again, and then watched the first DVD of series 3 straight through. Brilliant stuff.

But the real magic tonight was on BBC 4, and a programme called Scrapheap Orchestra. Leading up to the 2011 Proms, conductor Charles Hazlewood challenged some of the top UK instrument makers to furnish a symphony orchestra with instruments made from nothing but scrap. Using these instruments, Hazlewood then rehearsed and performed an abridged version of the 1812 Overture. An absolutely delightful programme, and available on BBC Iplayer for the next week.

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