Thermapen Bargain

The Thermapen is a wonderful gadget. A food thermometer that is easy to use, accurate to within 0.4 degrees C in the range -49 to 200, and 1 degree above that (all thermometers come with an individual certificate of calibration). More importantly, their latest probe – the Superfast – is the fastest food probe I know – measuring the temperature in 3-4 seconds. No more standing around watching the reading rise, and rise, and rise….

Anyway, the UK manufacturer is selling a limited number of refurbished (but otherwise fine) Superfast Thermapens at half price (28.80, instead of 56 quid), on eBay, so I thought I would give people a heads up:

This is the best food thermometer I know. Even if you are not into BBQ in a big way, it is extremely useful in the kitchen, and is used by a lot of professional kitchens.

I now have two – a red and a pink. This will help when I am cooking both meat and poultry at the same time, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

(Note: it is not unknown for fake Thermapens to appear on eBay at silly prices. However, the above listing is genuine).

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