An Old Friend Writes…

Just checking everything’s ok with you, cos you haven’t posted in a while -Jo

No, I’m fine, thanks.

It’s been a mixture of the following:

a) Busy doing stuff.

b) Stuff has been pretty mundane, and not really worth blogging about.

c) I got a little distracted by Google+, and a couple of things that might have been typed here were posted there.

Google+ is interesting, and I am going to keep it running for reading other people’s stuff (and commenting on their stuff). But – although I know I am bucking the trend here – I feel it is inferior to something like this. At the moment, the majority of things I see over there is someone I know “sharing” the writings of someone I don’t, without that much original comment.

So what have I been up to? For the last week, I have been sorting through boxes of papers and tat, working out what camn be thrown out and what needs to be kept. I have spent hours shredding old bank and card statements in front of the TV, and have slowly been emptying my box room, to allow me to start decorating it as my new office (yes, I know, I have been talking about this for over 2 years now; but I am doing something about it). Meanwhile, my current office (whuch is destined to become a bedroom) has been all moved around, with my desk now in the window. This allows me to pile the “keep” boxes in the back corner for now, but the new arrangement is incidently very pleasant, when the sun comes around to the front of the house.

I’ve also been playing with my Barbduino project, but only tinkering – I haven’t got anything remarkable to show yet, which is why I haven’t mentioned it.

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  1. Jo
    August 7, 2011

    Glad you’re OK 🙂 Our house is also in turmoil (although that’s a more or less permanent state) as we’re planning to redecorate the front room before Christmas. At least I have a relatively uncluttered kitchen!

    Not looked at Google+ at all yet – Facebook and Twitter keep me busy enough. Still spending a lot of time being a hobbit – and, more recently, an elf – in Lord of the Rings Online. One day I’ll grow up!

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